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Need to delete computer from my Network

I need help - one of my son's cocky friends, has added his computer to my home network so they can get online at their home next door. How can I delete this computer from my network??? Please help ready to choke this kid. . . . .LOL he doesn't feel he's done anything WRONG
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    Are you saying he connected to your wireless router or his computer is showing up in My Network Places? If he's using your wireless network, just put a password on the wireless signal and restart the router.

  2. His computer is showing up in my Network; and yes he's using a wireless network
  3. well tbh its your own fault for not setting up wireless protection.
  4. the young man connect his computer to my laptop - my wireless connection is password protected. My son didn't know what he was doing, but he told me what he did.
  5. How did he connect his computer to your laptop?

  6. ok i have a few points of note on this which will be quite helpful.

    1. How has he connected the computer? does it only show up on 'My Network Places'? or has he connected a drive?

    2. he cant connect directly to your laptop without setting up wireless up as ad-hoc(if this was the case your computer shouldn't connect to the router.

    3. he couldn't of got on your wireless network without your wireless key, simply CHANGE IT.

    4. in the majority of countries using someone else wireless connection to access the internet is a criminal offence, you could threaten/take him to court.

    to me it just sounds like he connected to your laptop, but isnt actually using the internet (or is actually still connected to it) but you havnt explained your problem very well.
  7. as stated, it would depend on how he is "connected" to your network

    if he is simply on your wireless network (1) change the security key and (2) turn on mac address filtering, so only the computers you want can access the internet.
  8. I know what you mean Your son gave the cocky kid your wepkey/password and didn't ask you first because he knew you would say

    what type of router are you using is it a verizon, linksys ect... and I can tell you exactly how to change your key/password
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