Windows Black Screen, please help me

Firstly I wanna say I am not I pirate I bought Windows XP 32-bit home edition for my computer a while back but misplaced the product key.

About a month ago I reinstalled windows XP on my comptuter. I have the disk, but misplaced the damn product key.t.t Therefore I found one over the internet. Yesterday the 30-day activation **** ran out of time and once I logged into windows it had to activate it or I couldnt log in :fou:. I found how to get on the internet through their stupid activation by phone ****, and also how to briefly get the start menu and everything to show up.

So after some searching on the internet I found this guide on how to "Deactivate Windows XP Activation" Here are the steps I followed and did exactly what it said.

Click "Run" on your start menu Type "regedit" and press enter.
Registry Editor opens up, and you are presented with a long list of keys on the left.

3. Browse through the list to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Wi ndows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents.
4. Find on the right side: you should see a strings value named
OOBETimer (The activation stuff)
5. Change it to: FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD
If you change it, WindowsXp will change it back within a few seconds.
6. Right-click: WPAEvents and choose "Permissions..."
(A small window opens up with a list of user names)
7. Click SYSTEM and in the list below ("Permissions for SYSTEM")
8. Check each & every box under "Deny"

- Problem most of all are probably having is when you get to the "Permissions" section, so let's expand on this tricky area.

- Under "Permissions..." for WPAEvents, Go into the Advanced settings.

- UNCHECK "Inhereit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects.
Include these with entries explicitly defined here"

- When prompted what course of action to take from here, click "COPY"

from there, Highlight the SYSTEM line, and click edit.

- Deny all options, apply, and run a free copy of windows.

Now when I load of Windows after the loading screen
it everything just becomes black. No login screen, no nothing

Ok here's what I need to know :cry:
How can I fix this problem?
Is it gonna be possible to fix because I need to read some ISO images and stuff I disabled my DVD-ROM drive about a few days ago so I dont think I can even boot up a new installtion via The XP Disk?
How can I re-enable that drive
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  1. please ;(
  2. well you can enable the dvd drive in your bios which is separate from windows, so thats still an option.

    switch the dvd drive to first in the boot sequence and put the disk in...
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