EVGA lost my original UPC code for rebate :(

So I get my 8800gts 320Mb w/ a $30 MIR. Great, I send it in on time... and I get a card from them recently saying I need to resubmit with the "original UPC code" and they gave me an extension date. :?

I originally did attach the original UPC code to the original MIR form :x - I even stapled it to the upper left corner and photocopied it. So now that is all I have to send them, a "copy" of the "original UPC code"

I have not had a problem with EVGA's mail-in rebates until now and I will be disappointed if they don't honor the rebate, it should be there somewhere in the EVGA offices under someones desk or something. I just don't have it anymore to send it to them :( at least I made a copy :P

So, I just wanted to hear from the community of any problems experienced with mail-in rebates, similar or not, and what you think my chances are of having it honored w/ a photocopy of the rebate... I really want to be saying, "EVGA is awesome, they honored my rebate even after they lost my UPC code" 8)
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  1. I doubt this is a common problem. I'd try writing or calling them if I were you...
  2. Mail in rebates are....should be a thing of the past. I like online rebates (where you register online for your rebate and you don't have to mail anything in) much better. Unfortunately I have never seen one for a computer product. They are usually mail in pain in the neck crap.

    I have purchased from Sears, BJ's and Home Depot and was able to do my rebate online. It was easy and fool proof.... :wink:

    I never purchase an item online that has a rebate. That rebate 411 thing is a joke. Not only do you have to register your rebate online you need to mail in info as well.

    Just go for the instant rebates. Or I have gotten things from stores that have a rebate. Usually they are a little easier you get a recipt that you send in the mail along with the upc code. Some what easier IMO.
  3. I had the same problem with Plexor ($50), but I had photo copies of the the documents I sent in.

    Once I presented my photo copies, 3 days later they found my rebate. Plexor was using a company to process their rebates. I called the main office and complained, they cared less. I then filed a report with the states attorney general in each state. I later found out that the company was scamming the rebates to their friends.

    I eventually got mine but it was 4+ mo after it was filed.

    To this day I will not buy or recommend plexor, due to their attitude they gave me when I called.
  4. This is a ploy. Always has been, always will be, and only getting worse. A friend and I sent the EXACT SAME rebate, on the EXACT SAME day. She got an email saying the purchase date was missing :non: Both our forms were IDENTICAL. It's just a way for them not to have to honor the rebate. This happened with EVGA TWO TIMES. The first time, I got the scam email crying about the purchase date. Go figure. At least they try to use the same story. :sarcastic:
  5. mpjesse said:
    I doubt this is a common problem. I'd try writing or calling them if I were you...

    I have the same issue. I took a picture of the original upc for my records. Then sent the original to them I get an e-mail saying it was rejected due to missing upc. They lost my upc. Im 2000% sure I sent it. I sent then a reply back saying they lost it I dont have another to send them call me to let me know what to do i included the picture. they reply back with another e-mail saying they cant get pictures and to call the # provided for assistance. You call the number and you have no choice for a live person. all you get is voice mails telling you how to fill out the form./ I will be contacting the BBB on this one.
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