Games crash in Vista 64 but not XP 32

I'm having some weird problems I can't figure out. In Vista 64-bit Far Cry 2 and COD World at War will either crash or have a bunch of lines going all over the place. If I reinstall the graphic drivers and reboot one more time the game will just crash and no line go through the screen. However, if I reboot again there will be a bunch of lines going all over the place. And if i reinstall the graphics driver the game will just crash but no lines will appear. Half Life 2 will start but then it will freeze everytime. Half Life 2: episode 1 and 2 will play just fine. I reinstalled steam and the games. Same results. I reinstalled Vista, same results. I stress tested the CPU and Graphics card with Intel Test burn in, OCCT, Prime 95, ATI Tool, and rthbl or whatever it is called. Under Windows XP 32-bit everything runs fine.

Everything was fine up until one night when my water pump stopped working. I didn't notice it until the next morining. The computer stayed running the whole time, which is surprising. The liquid cooling is only cooling the processor.

My specs:
Intel X3360-same as 9550 but lower Vcore
4870 X2- I used 8.10, 8.11, and 8.12 drivers all the same results
Vista 64-bit Home premium
Liquid cooling for processor only
Cooler Master 1000 W
G.Skill 8GB @ 6400

I am at a loss. And you're help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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  1. Thats exactly what turned me against water cooling, I had the same thing happen but my CPU shutdown the system each time, , and yours should have done the same thing and shutdown, you more than likely have serious CPU damage.

    If you have them?

    Swapping out known good parts is the best way to trouble shoot hardware damage, but I'd start with the CPU, and if you're dead intent on water cooling, don't ever leave the machine running unattended.

    If you do you're just asking for trouble!
  2. Yea, this will be my last water cooling setup.

    I switched out the processor with a known good x6800 and I got the same result.

    I forgot to mention that with the catalyst control center it will let me change the fan speed, however, it wont let me do anything with clock settings. I have to use rivatuner to do that. This happened right after the water pump incident.

    So, do you think it is the motherboard?
  3. Maybe because SpeedStep was on and your CPU did not overheat on idle. When playing a game, the CPU will heat up and will get hot. I would say that too, may be your CPU is damaged.

    I always believed a CPU had protection to shutdown in a case of overheating?
  4. Yea, it should shutdown or downclock because of the heat. I switched out CPUs. And, I got the same problem. So that is not the cause of it.

    Sometimes I can play games for 5 minutes or even an hour before it crashes or lines start to go all over the place.

    I am at a total loss. : (
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