XP won't boot from new MacBook Pro

I had a perfect Boot Camp setup going in my Santa Rosa MacBook (not pro), but when I recently purchased my Late '08 model MacBook Pro and swapped the drives, choosing to boot to my Windows partition results in a black screen and nothing more except for some noise from the hard drive and fans. I know, I know, I was stupid enough to think that the drivers would work, but is there any way I can get to at least safe mode?
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  1. Boot from your Windows XP CD and do a repair installation.

  2. If grumpy's suggestion doesn't work for some reason, download the UltimateBootCD http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ (it's free) It contains utilities from Boot tools to Motherboard tools to Hard Drive tools etc etc.. Should have about everything one needs for troubleshooting without having access to an OS. Hiren's BootCD is nice too, but i believe costs money.
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