virus found but thats not the issue ..the folder it was found on is

it found the virus on the F hdd which u guys know its not the main one was(virus) found on a folder i can't even see i have the "show hidden folders" on so why can't i see those folders ? i am more worried about that than the virus since my software found it im okay with it lol but i just reinstalled my os and i get a virus found on a folder i didn't know xcisted wtfuge ! ! and i have folder that are just named kinda like this "5e56dc46768be0474974c759ab4690" on some hdd any ideas? oh and i can't erase them why?

ps that is the name of one of the folders
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  1. Run this anti-malware application.

    It will scan and produce a log which you can read through to see if the hidden folder and it's contents have been deleted.

    Be sure to run the full scan and remove everything it finds.

    You haven't stated your operating system so it's a bit difficult to advise beyond the scanner. The scanner will work with Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista.

    If you need help with the log post it here.
  2. Sorry I didn't realise your thread was in the XP forum as I accessed it from the front page.

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware will work fine with XP.
  3. thnxs i will try it in awhile and post the what i get after ..
  4. 1'st OPTION - boot from a vistaPE CD and delete those folders
    2 OPTION - start a full scan with F-Secure Internet Security or Karspersky
    3 OPTION - format the partition
  5. well i can't part. since i do not have enought space in my other hdd to send the files it has but i'll c if i can manage ...
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