WIndows XP BSOD and attempted repair

Ok so my computer was running fine then my computer froze so i wanted to restart my computer on my laptop so i held down the power button to shut it off. i restarted my computer and went to get a drink for when i came back windows was running a check disk and deleted some entries then said it was inserting a value $ into file id 4 or something like that and just keep looping that message. Anyways i just held down the power button again to restart(ok so holding down the power button is probably what caused the problem but windows was freaking out on me so i hit the power button) and when it restarted i got the BSOD. i did a little research and my findings were that holding down the power button caused file corruption and the file corruption is why im getting the BSOD. now i had a windows xp installation disk. I inserted that into my computer and booted from cd. it loads all the files and then goes straight to asking me to select a partition to set up windows xp on and does not give me the option to run a repair. Please help me!

Ok heres the problems though:
Reformatting is not an option, this is a school computer issued by the state, a recovery is the only option.

Windows XP Professional(unsure of service pack, does this matter? its new enough to be windows vista compatible, although since this is a school issued computer the windows installation cd is for windows xp Professional, slipstreamed with service pack 1, so the installation cd might have been made than the laptop was made. )
Intel Core Duo Processor 1.66 GHZ with 512 ram
Dell Latitude D520

EDIT: BSOD Error Code
STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00190203,0x82d2ce18,0xc0000102,0x00000000)
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  1. k but i have windows xp not 2000 and i can not even boot into windows. Safe mode, etc do not work. i dont have another laptop and i dont think my computer will read a laptop hdd
  2. Ok sorry I missed the win 2000 portion.
    I also didnt realize it is a laptop.

    With the XP disk will it let you boot to a command prompt?
    If so try to type chkdsk /f and then hit enter
    That may possibly fix it enough to boot.
    If not one of these other 2 links will do it
  3. thanks for the links but im dont know how to boot into the recovery console because when i boot from cd is goes directly to Partition is either damaged, corrupted, or too full. please select a partition.....It says i have to reformat my hard drive, which is not an option for me. is there anyway to boot directly into recovery console or chkdsk? i tried looking for it on the internet and that link you gave me says follow all the steps or launch recovery console.

    but the problems are i cant even get into the recovery console and reformatting is not an option.
  4. just after post bash f8 a few times to bring up the boot choices,
    go for command prompt and try running the chkdsk pat suggested.
  5. unfortunately i can not boot into command prompt either....
  6. take it back to the school IT department and get them to re-image the drive.

    if your desperate to save anything on it you could try taking the hard drive out and putting it in a external caddy, copy the files to another machine before putting it back in the machine and then getting the school IT people to wipe it.
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