Copy sms from N900 to PC

Hi everyone,

I really need help in transfering/copying the text messages from my N900 to PC.
I already tried the code in Xterm:

Open xterm (you don't need root) and enter the following command (note: case matters. a <> A in linux)

Code :
~ $ sqlite3 .rtcom-eventlogger/el.db "select * from events where event_type_id in (7,8) order by id;" > /home/user/MyDocs/sms_dump.txt

This will create sms_dump.txt which will contain all of your inbound (type 7) and outbound (type 8) SMS records in chronological order. You can also export the other types contained in the table, just add them to the sqlite3 command above in the brackets separated by comas.

Here is the list of the types:

1 = inbound call
2 = outbound call
3 = missed call
4 = voicemail message
5 = inbound IM (integrated conversations only)
6 = outbound IM (integrated conversations only)
7 = inbound SMS
8 = outbound SMS

but it only shows a little part of my text messages (and those are the ones I already deleted about 2 years ago. Is there any way I can copy the recent sms (or recover the sms I just deleted a few months ago) to PC? Please help! This is very important to me. And I'm not familiar with this technical issue, so please give me something with step-by-step LOLz =] Thanks a lot!
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  1. Meh, I usually avoid texting, and it's late, if it remains unanswered tomorrow I'll look into it (I even have a n900 as well)
  2. nobody knows??? =(
  3. If they did, someone would have responded.

    Heck, I don't even own a phone.
  4. I'm sure there was a long thread about the N900 with loads of links and info down here a while back but I can't find it via the search. Best I can find are these links which may or may not be of use:

    I think you might be best to try asking the question on the Symbian forums or Nokia related sites as it's a bit device specific and like many others round here I just have a dumb phone.
  5. There's a utility (haven't installed it on my phone yet, I don't really text) called glogarchive that seems like it might do what you're looking for
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