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I have a problem. I am trying to connect to a Wireless network in my work, but i am not able to do so with my laptop. The problem is i can't see the network. It is not available under show available network even if i insert the SSID of the network. I can connect to the network through my PSP console and the signal is 95%, but when i try to connect with my laptop it is not detecting a signal. I have the latest drivers. When i run ipconfig it says that i am not connected to the wireless network. I am helpless
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  1. What encryption you using. You may want to initially shut it off to get it workiing. Also check dhcp settings
  2. There is no encription on the network, it's a company wireless internet. DHCP settings are automatic and it should be correct. Still not working
  3. Yeah I got nothing check for adware or run an ubuntu live cd if your wireless card supports linux to see if it's just a hardware problem or windows settings being messed up.
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