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Hi all,

I am having some issues with my Ultrabay Slim Drive. I hear a clicking noise, like it gets ready to read, then resets. I looked to see if it was a driver issue and I am leaning towards it. I was looking around some forums and was told to look at /dev/sr0. I clicked on the file and it said there was no new application to run it. Now what does this sound like?

Any help would be great.

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    I can't see how it's likely to be a driver issue. If you check the documentation:

    Linux support

    The pinout switching is done by the BIOS and hardware, so that it is completely transparent to the operating system.

    Floppy drives are supported by the standard floppy driver.
    ZIP drive support is possible through the ide-disk driver.
    IDE hard disks and optical drives are supported by the ata_piix or older ide-disk driver in the linux kernel.
    Batteries are automatically handled by the hardware, but can be controlled further by using tp_smapi.
    UltraBay Plus devices should be handled by the USB subsystem, but if the actual devices are is not known.

    Basically it present linux with the appropriate interface for whatever drive you install in it. Linux has good DVD/CD support and the Lenovo boxes are generally considered very much Linux friendly.
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