IE8 very slow and running 2 processes

Hi, as i said, ie8 runs slow and takes long time to load up if i want to use it,+ when i open it i have 2 iexplore processes.
is this ok? i have tried disabling all the add ons,but it doesnt make a change.
how can i get it fixed?
i did scan my pc for viruses with KIS but not virus found...
ps i'm running windows 7.
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  1. I have IE8 on my browser but I don't use it often. Instead I use Chrome 3 or Firefox 3.5. They are more stable and more crash free than IE.
    For more information you could look at: :)
  2. IE8 uses multitab processes. So one process for IE8 as a whole, with each tab having its own process. No issues there for you. Make sure its not your internet or something by trying another browser to see if they are also slow. I recommend Chrome or FF to test.
  3. The problem is IE 8 by self, downgrade to IE 7 or use another explorer. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera....exist many options...
  4. i always use firefox, but like my mum,she uses ie,... i got the tab problem fixed,(disabled the java add on)
    but it's still slow n takes ages in connect maybe 5 seconds or 7,chrome works fine,firefox like a charm.
    so IE8 is absolutely useless?
    i dont think we can install ie7 on windows 7.(thats wot i heard) see for yourself
  5. IE8 has not problems, after days and days of changing my IE settngs, i have noticed that ITS ALL ABOUT KIS 2010,when i shut it down IE runs FINE!!
    i just posted a topic on their forum...
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