After restoring to factory default, windows goes blank

Lenovo J 3000 , I try the cds and the harddrive to restore. It goes blank during the welcome screen. All went find no errors, tested everything, all pass. But wndows goes blank every time. The pc is running, does not lock up. Just nothing on the screen.
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  1. does it do it in safe mode?
    Press F8 while booting to get to safe mode.
  2. If following Pat's suggestion you can get into safe mode this would point the finger at software - drivers most likely - but if all the same hardware worked on this factory install before then it should again. Unless you have installed NEW hardware in between?? If so then a factory image could be forcing drivers for the old config. This would include any USB connected devices.

    If this don't help it's probably hardware - try memtest86 and installing another OS. If they fail too you know it's hardware.
  3. only usb is the mouse, in safe mode, it tells me windows did not finish installing, please restart, so I do. loading files, welcome screen, than blank.
  4. Here is couple of quick links that could help.
    Are you using the Lenovo disk to install?
    Or are you past that? If past that try F8 and boot to VGA mode and see if you get in.
    If not try F8 boot logging and see where it stops.
    I think the VGA is going to be the one. Usually right about the welcome screen is where windows makes the switch from VGA to your video drivers and is possibly the cause.;en-us;308041
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