HP 2610 prints unequal L and R margins in Vista

Completed a newsletter, using Adobe InDesign, and printed it using an HP Photosmart 2610, running Vista Ultimate. Left and right margins were not equal.
Saved the file to an internal backup drive and rebooted in XP Pro, using a dual-boot system. Brought the document up in XP Pro, printed it, and the margins were just right.
Did a reinstall of the HP 2610 and installed a couple of updates, but can't get Vista to print the document with equal left and right margins, while the same document prints normally in XP Pro.
Hope there are some suggestions out there. Thanks.
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  1. This may sound dumb and may not work but back in the day Adobe and Msoft relyed on each others settings.
    Try to open word pad and or Microsoft Word and check their defalt margin settings. Possibly one is trying to over ride.

    I know when trying to print a web page and they get cut off, changing the
    default margins in word pad to .3 solves the prob.
    Just remember to use the exit command and not the X in the corner to save the settings.
    Possibly changing to a generic HP driver could also help as there may be a bug in the Vista ver. you have.
    Hope this helps
  2. Pat: I set up an HP 990C printer for InDesign on the earlier suggestion of a friend who found that Quicken was not printing right with his HP printer, but it did not help with my InDesign problem.
    Next, using my HP PS 2610, went to your suggestion to try Word Pad and MS Word. Changed the margins to .3, copied and pasted from my newsletter, and both programs printed with the same unequal margins. The left margin reflected settings I made of .3 and .25 but the right margin was always much greater. Also, printed the newsletter from InDesign with Word Pad on the taskbar and margins at .3, but again no change.
    Thanks for the suggested work-around.
    Understand that HP is supposed to be coming out shortly with drivers for Vista. In the meantime, copied and pasted to InDesign on the XP drive and all printed normally.
    Please let me know if you have other thoughts on the subject.
  3. Did changing the margins cause any changes in the right margin.
    Just a shot in the dark but try smaller settings eg 0 or perhaps .001
    It prolly wont let you but its worth a try.
    I wish HP would get on the ball and write some new drivers.
    I have a crappy little deskjet 632c that only works in XP.
    Sadly its not near as old as the Laserjet 4p that I have had for 10 - 15 years that has drivers.
  4. The R margin shifted with changes to the L margin, but the margin is always greater on the right.
    I only do this once a month and it's not too much trouble to save to the internal backup, then bootup in XP for the printing.
    Thanks again for your efforts.
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