Vista not letting me print!!

Okay here's the situation. I have a new computer, it is running Vista 64 bit home premium. My moms computer running xp has a printer hooked up to it via usd (cannon i860). My old computer which I gave to my sister also has xp. My old computer/sister's works just fine for printing over the network (dgl-4300 router). However whenever I try to connect to the printer over the network Vista erroneously tells me that the printer driver on my moms computer is not correct. I cannot just override this as it gives me the option to 1. find and install the proper driver or 2. cancel and do not connect to printer.

This is really frustrating as all the information I've been able to find on the topic states that it should be as easy as clicking on the printer and having it install itself.

I've tried installing the printer manually, installing it through the port user-lw299lwsef, and following the directions on vista's help page regarding the matter.

I'm at whits end as to why it doesnt just let me print!!!!! :fou: Has anyone else run into this problem and found a solution?
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  1. Did you download/install the Vista 64 bit driver from ?

  2. okay, your mom's computer is acting as a print server. you will want to load the extra vista drivers on her computer. then when you try to connect to that shared printer with your vista machine your computer will load the drivers and be nice and happy. you can't do a local install of drivers and expect that to work when your computer isn't the one the printer is connected to.

    make sure you have the correct *.inf driver file go to your mom's computer

    do a start and printer/faxes
    find her printer right click and go to sharing
    there should be a button with a label something like extra drivers or additional drivers.
    you need to click that and go through the loading of a new driver and find your x64 *.inf file printer driver.
    after that has been loaded you'll need to go back to your vista machine and connect to the printer.
  3. I did encounter same problem. but mine 1 is Canon IP 1000. My solution is I install canon ip1000 driver which support vista into my computer and install the share printer driver again. My computer should get printer driver with USB port. So that's all what i had done to this problem.
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