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Hi, I'm new to the forums, but I've been a fan of Tomshardware.com for years. That being said, here's my problem!

I recently received my new video card. Its an AGP Powercolor ATI x1950 pro, with the huge heat sink and fan and all.. I powered down, inserted it into the motherboard, and booted up, like I've done since the days of 3DFX cards. But this time, there was no signal, no message on the monitor, and no booting at all whatsoever. My first suspicion was the DVI port, which I had never seen before. I had the adapter in snug and my monitor was plugged in. I tryed switching monitors, but still nothing.

I then put my old video card back in, the ATI Radeon 9600. I noticed that it too has a DVI port. So naturally I plugged in the adapter, then the monitor, and again the screen was blank, but the computer would start. This time, it gave me a message on both monitors, saying no input, or something of the sort. This troubles me, because I fear that even after fixing the other problem, this will still prevent me from using my new card. Now: on to the next issue:

The x1950 pro requires a 450watt power supply. Mine is only 350. So, to me this explains why the computer failed to start with the new card. Tomorrow I'll be getting a new power supply. But, does anyone know why I wouldn't get any signal while using the DVI port? even on the OLD video card? I tried it with 2 monitors, both of them fairly old, but in great working condition. Could it be that the monitors don't support DVI? If its not the monitors, then my next guess would have to be the adapter is broken, although it's brand new out of the bag!

Anyways, sorry for the long post. Hopefully someone will know what I'm talking about and give me a simple solution. Keep up the great work and thanks!
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  1. Does your monitor have a VGA connector or is it just DVI? Try the new powersupply and see how it goes. If you still get nothing, then there is a high chance that it is your X1950pro and you will have to unfortunately send it back. :cry:

    Hope it works out though.

    Good luck. :D
  2. Thanks guys, The monitor is a standard VGA. It's a Dell Trinitron 21" and I get no signal when using the DVI adapter with it on either card. Today I'll be getting a new power supply from the local store, so I'll check in again then. thanks!
  3. Quote:
    I powered down, inserted it into the motherboard, and booted up...

    Haven't you forgotten to attach the vidcard's direct power connection?
    Or perhaps you did, but forgot to mention...
  4. Some monitors with DVI & sub15 inputs have a control button on the monitor for 'Input Select' to tell the monitor whic jnput to use. If you are using the DVI-sub15 adapter, it could be faulty.

  5. Well I just picked up a new 450 watt power supply. hooked up the new video card, and it booted!

    I also had a video signal. It was perfect for a while.. Then, it started randomly crashing. It makes it into Windows, but then it freezes up, sometimes showing stripes on the screen for a second, then rebooting itself, or just hanging up. When this happens, I cannot move the mouse or anything. After a few times, windows booted I got the message saying "The system has recovered from a serious error", or something of the sort..

    To answer the question, I did have the power cord plugged in. I'm back on the old video card now, and the funny thing is, the DVI adapter is working great. I'm continuing to uninstall/reinstall drivers.. and Re-seat the card. But at this point, it's looking like the card is either defective, or I destroyed it while trying to run it on the old power supply. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'll keep you updated!
  6. Allright, at this point.. nothing is working. I've uninstalled the drivers, switched out the card, and switched around the power connectors. I also noticed that upon booting, the MSI logo screen is all messed up. It has some lines going through it, and its lacking the right colors. I thought this may be a clue as to what's wrong.

    Also, It runs in safe mode just fine. But I doubt that helps. I'm open to any suggestions before I return this thing! thanks guys
  7. I take it the system still runs fine with the old vid card, or no? Re-reading your post it sounds like no? If so, you have a deeper problem now. But if the PC runs OK with the old card your new video card could have been bad to begin with.


    there is another possibility; if you got a cheap 450 watt PSU it may still lack the power to properly run that card.

    The 1950Pro needs a PSU with about 26A on the combined +12v rails of the PSU

    This is a quote from mpilchfamily, who posted above, and a thread here

    If you can read the lable on the PSU it will give you the 12 v amperage. Tell us what PSU you got and we can tell you if it's up to the job.
  8. Yes, the machine runs fine with the old video card in it. I tested the new video card out in another computer, but I also had to put the new power supply in that as well. The results were the same: Crashes almost instantly. Obviously this narrows the problem down to either the video card being faulty, or the PSU being insufficient enough to power everything.

    I checked the label, saw a bunch of numbers, so instead of trying to explain it, let me just show you a picture instead. (this is the same writing that is on my PSU, but I got the pic online)

    I did see the number 24.0A there, but it wasn't under 12v. Also, it says Please select right voltage. My first thought was, wtf. I've never even had to upgrade my PSU, let alone select a voltage! But, I am learning fast. Tell me, is the PSU up for the job? or could it be the reason why the crashes keep occurring. Thanks so much, again. I truly appreciate it and I'd be lost without your help!
  9. It appears to me that there is insufficient power being supplied through the 12v rails on that PSU. Return it if possible and buy a better one. Research or read the labels to determine if it supplies the right amount of power. As somebody said above you will probably need 26A on the 12v rail. So where it says +12v you will need to buy a PSU with a number under that of around 26A. Good luck.
  10. Returning it will not be a problem. Finding a better one in my budget range certainly will be more difficult..

    I just have two more questions!

    Is it possible, that all of the trial-and-error tests I've put this card through, have damaged it? I know that when a video card is underpowered, it can cause overheating.

    Also, could anyone recommend a suitable PSU for me? My computer has 3 case fans, and enough LEDs to blind someone. Maybe even 450 watts isnt even enough!
    Thanks again all.
  11. 450 watts should do you fine. There is i suppose i slight chance that you could have hurt your card but i seriously doubt it. The important thing right now is to find a good PSU within your budget that supplies at least 26v on the 12v rails. Im not good with pricing in the US (assuming you live there) so read this thread - http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/PSU-101-102-ftopict198276.html and especially this one http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/PSU-Refrence-List-ftopict222154.html

    You should find what you need. Getting a better PSU should solve all your problems. Lol one of my friends got a x1950 pro pcie a few days ago with a 300w power supply. I bet that wont work either.....
  12. Stick with Mpilch...he won't steer you wrong.

    He'll give you the same advice any other reputable forum member would offer; matter of fact -- he's one of the members that sets the standard. Good luck with your new card.
  13. Well, I'm just checking back in with you guys to tell you what ended up happening:

    I went to the local store, and saw how much a properly equipped power supply would actually cost, that is, 26v on the +12v rail. They didn't even have anything like that in stock at CompUSA, or the local PC stores. I looked on newegg, and found a few. But they were more expensive than the card itself!!

    So, I ended up returning the card to newegg, and about 2 weeks later, here I am with my full rebate! They gave me free shipping, which was nice too. Now, I'm back to using my ATI Radeon 9600. Also, the previously mentioned x800xl is completley dead! So, I got ANOTHER 9600. Anyways, keep up the great work. Thanks for all your info and help! cya around!
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