I could really use some help, figuring out how to do this.

Hi guys. I just got an Acer As6930-6560 here . I love it. However I am not always thrilled with vista home 64. Dont get me wrong I love it for school and work, and it is very perty. However when I try to run some older games and apps I like I often deal with instability.

My school offers free windows 98, and xp upgrade downloadable from an ftp server. Unfortunatly the xp upgrade file they provide does not seem to be bootable, nor does the 98 file they provide.

TO remedy this I have down loaded 3-4 torrented versions of xp pro that are bootable, I just planed on using my schools upgrade key when needed.

My problem is that nothing seems to work. All of the bootable xp files that i have downloaded give me the blue screen of death after the bootable disk loads information then trys to "load windows". Since I have tried multiple things here I assume it is something with my computer.

One of my thoughts is that its a HD issue but im not sure, someone mentioned to me that i need to slipstream sata drivers into my boot discs but I dont have a clue what their talking about.
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  1. in your bios make sure the SATA controller is set to run in "IDE mode'. You should not need new SATA drivers just to install XP. So slipstreaming should not be needed.

    You will also need to check at Acer's website to see if XP drivers are available for the rest of the hardware on your machine. Sadly many mfgs have stopped making XP drivers for some newer laptop models. Not sure if Acer has an XP downgrade option like Dell has. If not, an alternative to installing XP is to simply run XP in a virtual machine. MS makes a free one called Virtual PC. You could fire up XP in the virtual machine when old apps are needed. I did this so I could run some old C++ material that would not run in Vista.
  2. Well I am almost there. My first problem was that I had to change my sata controller in the bios to ide mode for xp. Then I could use the torrented xp files I had. Once those were installed I was able to use the xp upgrade from school.

    Then to get back into vista I had to change the sata controller back to achi and use a vista restore iso I downloaded as well. A warning out there to any1 who comes upon this post later, if you used acer recovery to make your restore discs, go online and find a vista restore iso or you will lose all your data. The acer restore disc do not have a fix start up option. boy that scared me.

    So now I am trying to get the MBR straigtened out, and I have to figure out how to make the sata controller work for both OS's. I dont want to have to go into the bios and change the sata controller everytime.
  3. Might wanna run a VM... VirtualBox is good...

    The cool thing is that the emulated controllers are all the same image make tech support very easy.
  4. I feel like I am so close. I just need to figure out how to get the mbr to work with vista installed on the c: AND get the right sata controller working in xp and im done.
  5. Ok, that's cool then.
  6. hmmm.... my Vista does not require the controller be set to AHCI mode. Mine is set to IDE. Are you sure the Vista hard drive is not on a 'raid' enabled SATA port?
  7. No i am not sure. How do I check?
  8. It will be labeled on the MOBO, in very small print next to the port
  9. thats unfortunate, because this is a laptop, and im not about to crack her open
  10. Ah, laptop . . . I forgot. Yea, no need to crack it open LOL. I'm not sure then what's going on, possibly some particulars between the drivers and the HD. Same model hard drives? Perhaps you can now load drivers for XP to run off the AHCI so you can just leave it set to that?
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