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Vista64 Installation Issues

I just put together a new system and XP installed without issues. I did created a partition for Vista during the XP installation. When I reboot the system with the Vista disk in, I see the loading bar stating "Windows is loading file" and that completes without any issues. Instead of continuing the Vista installation, the pc reboots back to XP. If I hit a key to boot from CD when I get the chance, it starts the loading bar again.

This is my first attempt at installation Vista. I have seen a lot of threads where the loading bar freezes or takes forever to complete, but this isn't my issue. It runs through the loading bar in about a minute.

According to the site where I bought the memory and the Corsair site, the memory should be 1.9V, but the memory label states 1.8V. I thought this might be an issue at first, but XP didn't have any issues at all.

Intel Q9550 2.83Hz
2x2GB Corsair DDR2 800 1.9V 5-5-5-18
EVGA nVidia GTX 260 896MB 55nm Core 216 Superclocked Edition
WD 500GB 32MB Cache
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  1. You can try to take out 2 GB and install it...and put it back later.

    I know some disc/system setups had early problems where Vista would not install on systems with > 3GB. There is a fix but you have to make a new installation CD. But unless you are doing some massive installs, you're better off just removing the RAM.
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    Yeah, I tried that with no luck, but I did get Vista installed late last night.

    Turned out to be an issue with the installation disk. Borrowed one from a buddy and it worked without any issues. I didn't see any scratches on the disk itself so it had to be something with the data itself on the disk.
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