Kaspersky slows down my computer. HELP!

After having my old Dell crashed from a virus Norton let through, I recently bought an HP and put Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on it. It blocks almost everything, but I was hacked at one point. That problem was resolved, but I still am experiencing problems, unrelated to the hack. Kaspersky tries to block everything I do, and did before I was hacked. It doesn't like iTunes, or games, or the internet, and it frequently limits my activities on such programs. I like the increased protection, but I would prefer to be able to use iTunes and play games without Kaspersky slowing me down, which, by the way, it slows my internet to 1/5 the speed it has without the protection. It has also blocked me from downloading about half of the songs I purchase on iTunes.

Can anyone suggest an Antivirus software that has great protection but doesn't slow you down or block everyday operations? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Avira is one of the best
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    I agree with aford10, Avira is a very good anti-virus. And it's free :D.
  3. Free? Sweet! Even more money for buying beer!
  4. I'm drinking to that right now.
  5. I`m using NOD32. I like it`s support and simplicity.
  6. I've switched to NOD32, it hardly uses any resources and has a good detection rate.
  7. if its installed and setup correctly,kaspersky gives liitle warnings and is very low on resources!
  8. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    if its installed and setup correctly,kaspersky gives liitle warnings and is very low on resources!

    Not sure what you mean by installed correctly? I loved Kaspersky and was just humming along fine. about a month ago after an update whenever I try to open ANY program I get five minutes of the little K pumping and pumping before the program opens.
  9. You may need to defragment the hard drive, this will speed up a slow system. Also, run a cleaner to remove all the temp/junk files. For AV I would recommend Avira or AVAST.
  10. mine has slowed down a ton also!going to remove kaspersky monday!
  11. have avira on now with pc tools free firewall plus!computer is now running fast and smooth...bye bye kaspersky!
  12. Hello! I use kaspersky and it works properly. I found this version on a site
    I tested avira but this program i use is better then avira. I am surprised you chose this :o
  13. First off, look at the date that this thread was started. Second, how are you surprised? I made it clear that Kaspersky was causing serious problems with my computer and hampering performance. I'm glad it's working for you, but it did not work for me, and Avira does.

    Good day.
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