!Super Budget Gaming Pc! Need Feedback

Here is my build!
What do you guys think?
-Does everything seem compatible?
-Any better alternatives? im not looking to spend extra $$ on it
-Is the powersupply sufficient for the gfx and the pc as a whole?
-I plan to overclock but not much
please share whats on your mind! im looking forward to building this


Xion Case

Hard Drive

Biostar Motherboard

Graphic Card x1650 Pro


Ram 2x1GB

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  1. all looks good except the PSU is very low quality. I know you can find a better one about the same price. 500W seems like plenty but the unit only puts out a few amps which is just as important.
  2. I think you should state your spec one by one rather to have someone check by himself via your links :wink:
  3. PC Power & Cooling FTW! I have the Turbo Cool 1kW and it really is not as loud as people say it is. I will eventually end up liquid cooling it but back on topic: Get a PCP&C PSU. Maybe the Silencer 610?
  4. Get this graphics card instead:

    7600GT for $90
  5. I know it's more money, but definitely get a better graphics card if this pc is to be used primarily for gaming.
  6. Lots of good selections.
    The video card looks like a steal.

    Not sure about the PSU.
    If looking at Rosewill PSUs, look for "RP" models not "RD".

    Rosewill does not actually make any PSUs and are not known for the quality of the PSUs that are made for them. The models that start with "RP", however seem to be a bit better quality and have gotten from good reviews.
  7. I have a 500watt PSU rated at +12V1 16A +12V2 +16A running an 8800GTS (and 2 hard disks, 2gb RAM, 2 optical drives, AMD FX proc etc.) and that all runs fine, as long as the specs are accurate then that PSU will be fine for what you've listed and more
  8. OCZ says it will keep PC Power & Cooling as as seperate division. They will be OCZ's highest end PSUs and still be good 'ol PCP&C PSUs. OCZ will also be using PCP&C's internals in their PSUs.
  9. If OCZ begins placing its own internal components inside PC Power & Cooling PSU cases and passing them as PC Power & Cooling PSUs, the heads of OCZ will begin to be assasinated by angry geeks world wide.
  10. Yeah, but not before they profitted mightily and yet unknowing noobs would still continue to buy them after enthusiasts realized what was going on.
  11. I have had great luck with FSP for PSUs a 300 watt one will run a dual core system and basic Video card. So a 400 watt should easily handle this system, even if you upgrade your video card in the future or want to OC a bit. Plus a 120mm fan will be quieter and last longer than 2 80s. less money too.

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