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I recently built a Linux based home server and would like to know some programs that are "essential" for such builds. Granted I have some things in place at the moment and have others I am planning but I want to make sure I am not missing out on something. Also if you could give me some direction on these things it would be very helpful.

- i3-2120T
- 2x 2TB WD Green HDD
- BD Drive
- TV Tuner

Software (done):
- Software RAID1 with mdadm
- Install of Xubuntu 11.10 alternative 64-bit
- Setup Samba for "in-network"
- Setup SSH and SFTP for "out of network"
- Wrote simple bash scripts to start, stop, & restart Samba, SSH, SFTP

Software (to-do list):
- Limit SFTP directory to that of the Samba directory
- Setup something (probably VLC) to watch DVD's and BlueRays
- Get the TV Tuner working. Recommended programs anyone? (MythTV didn't want to work for me last time)
- Get a Craftbukkit Minecraft server setup for a small group of friends
- Make a "panic" bash script to safely close programs and shutdown
- Batch script to do periodic data backup to server maybe?

Software (sounds interested but I know nothing about):
- Setting up a website.
- Setting up a private wiki.
- Proxy server
- Firewall
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  1. XMBC is something to look at for you media needs.
  2. For backup rsync can be very useful. You casn get windows ports so you could configure options for push or pull from a client.
  3. I would use OpenWrt to setup your firewall, media & web server. Plus Openwrt has great support forums.
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