Router problems in a new apartment

So I just moved to a new apartment and we get wireless internet included. It is one of the webpage login networks. Fortunately I have a wireed hookup to the router but I still need to log in. The network admin doesn't want to open ports for me to use VNC, remote desktop, SFTP server, bittorret, etc. :( I was wondering what options there were out there. I know that for SFTP and bittorrent I can purchase a web hosting service to host the server. (Any experience with web page based bittorrent clients?) Are there any alternatives to a webhosting service for SFTP and bittorrent? Also is there any way to VNC or remote desktop to my home PC without an open port? I am looking for all sorts of suggestions but preferably free or low cost. Thanks.
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  1. (free version) for remote access.

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