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I need help installing backtrack 5 r2 Gnome (64- Bit)

I downloaded Backtrack the other day and I really want to try it out but it wont install on my desktop or laptop....
i get to the point in the image:

The laptop i have is: HP Compaq Presario 219wm (Running windows 7 home premium 64-bit)

The desktop i have is a custom built: Specs> AMD A8-3870k> Gigabyte GA-A75M-D2H> 320GB SATA2 HDD> GENERIC DVD> OLD CASE> TEAM ELITE DDR3 1333MHZ RAM 8GB (2X4GB)> 500W ENERMAX PSU> RUNNING WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64-BIT
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    what the hell are you running backtrack for if you cant even start x server? Your not going to get any help here for hacking your neighbors wifi...
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