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Have you started any interesting Linux projects you'd like to share with the group? Have you done some interesting contributions to the open source community?

I've begun converting my computers at home gradually to Linux and promoting free software at my school. I offer some basic help and troubleshoot to my friends at school and teach them how to temporarily hi-jack school desktops with LiveUSBs with persistance to run not installed programs eg. Libreoffice and Blender. Ultimately I would like to get my HTPC/DVR working with Linux and perhaps embark on making a Raspberry Pi based email server.
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  1. I unfortunately haven't contributed to any existing projects at this point in time, nor have I released any of my own. This partially due to my preoccupation with my studies, and partially to do with my lack of creativity lately.

    I have pushed *nix on quite a few people lately, and they're all pretty happy. I seem to be the go-to guy when it comes to the topic. I'm glad that I could introduce as many people as I have, however few it may be, to this wonderful community.

    Now that this semester is nearing its end, I am looking for projects however. If anybody has any ideas they'd like to throw at me (whether publicly or via PM), or is working on anything and could use a hand, lemme know! :D </shameless plug>
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  3. Keep translating little bits from English to Spanish here and there once in a while... and every time I design something I let people know it was under Open Source Software ;)
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