WLM wont show what I'm listening too on iTunes

Hey all, I run Vista Ultimate x64, iTunes, and the latest Windows Media Player, and Windows Live Messenger, all up-to-date and updates from Windows Update. When I play a songs on iTunes they do have proper ID3 tags (and show up on my Logitech G15 screen) but will not show up on Windows Live Messenger. I have the show what I'm listening to checked on. I also have the "Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin" checked on.

I have tried reinstalling iTunes multiple times, and WLM. I have not yet reinstalled Vista Ultimate x64, but my friend has almost a identical system to mine and his works. Ideas?

I think it used to work before iTunes 8 or somewhere in between one of the iTunes updates, then it stopped. But as I said my buddy has a close system and his works.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I believe iTunes has to be set as your default media player. Have you done this?
  2. I have.
  3. Try this, it's a bizarre fix but others have reported it works.

    In MSN Messenger go to Tools > Options > General and check "Open Messenger main window when Messenger starts
  4. Actually, the option doesn't show in the newest version. I should have checked first.
  5. It asks you if it isn't the default if you'd like to make it the default, I have though.
  6. Actually its been moved.

    It's under "sign in" and messenger has to automatically run when you sign into windows to enble it.
  7. You may need to reboot to see if it works.
  8. I have it set to automatically run, not sign-in, and not open the main window.
  9. And windows media player isn't running in the background?
  10. No playing a song in Windows Media shows up on WLM.
  11. Now using Windows 7 Ultimate x64.. Beginning to think it is a hardware issue. Same problem, Winamp shows what I'm listening to on msn but not iTunes.
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