Gaming problems with my C2D,PIII and my Internet Please Help

HI all, have a Core2duo which i use for gaming and dailly ect, and i also have a PIII which I cobbled together put linux (unbuntu 7.04) and managed to load a F.E.A.R. server onto. however at times my C2D machine like to use all off the bandwidth emaning my server get stangled, and at other time my server use uses up my Bandwidth meaning my gaming on other server is sluggish. Now i worked out a 1mb lease to each PC is enough (as i have 2Mb -hopefully 8Mb soon) but i have no idea how to partition it any idea.

(i am using a basic adsl ethernet out modem pluged into a Belkin office gigabit switch) - any ideas.
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  1. You should post in networking.

    its more of a bandwidth issue to me.
    Please note also your upload bandwidth...most ADSL have lower than 1mb upload bandwidth
  2. A router would help you a lot. Routers are able to "direct traffic", allowing for more bandwidth given to each device when they need it, whereas a switch merely splits up the connection and sends it to each device.
  3. So do switches. Even using sniffer software on a switch you should see only the local computer's packets. On a regular hub, would be a different story, you'd basically see everything going on or hooked up to it.

    He might not have enough bandwith for both machines.
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