wireless comps cant see each other

I can't seem to make heads or tails of this problem:

I've got two computers on a wireless network, through a Netgear 314 router. Both connect to the internet just fine, are part of the same workgroup, same subnet mask/SSID and such. Filesharing is enabled as well.

The problem is, neither computer recognizes the other. They can ping themselves, and the gateway, but pinging the other gives no response. Needless to say filesharing/gaming doesnt work.

Whats odd to me is this: when one is plugged in via an actual ethernet cable, they can see each other just fine (share files, etc. etc.). It doesn't matter which computer is hard-lined in. This wireless-to-wireless problem is driving me crazy, and I haven't found an FAQ/post that helps the problem yet.
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  1. You don't by chance have the Privacy setting enabled in your router's wireless settings? This keeps wireless clients from being able to "see" each other, and is sometimes mistakenly implemented (for security reasons). If this were enabled your wired clients could still see your wireless clients, but your wireless clients cannot see each other.

    Let me know if this helps.
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