How can I save just a-k named files?

to make a backup, I want to do this:

robocopy g:\ i:\BU_G /s /xo /purge /xf pagefile*.* /w:1 /r:1

*only* on files whose names start with 0-9 or a-k

Is there a way in batch files?
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  1. Here is an example using Xcopy that you may convert to your robocopy

    Open up a text editor and type in the commands. When done save as whatever.Bat. then just click on the bat file. You choose name for "whatever", but need the DOT bat extention.

    E:\ = Drive E Root directory. I:\BU_E is where you want it back-uo to
    In my example - copy every thing from drive E to Folder BU_E on drive I
    For an explaination of the /x - open a dos window and type xcopy /?

    xcopy E:\a*.* I:\BU_E /E /S /I /R /Y /D
    xcopy E:\B*.* I:\BU_E /E /S /I /R /Y /D
    xcopy E:\C*.* I:\BU_E /E /S /I /R /Y /D
  2. Thanks. Found a way to use robocopy and batch files..
    Was hoping for an elegant way to not type 36 lines, but seems to work. :)
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