Confused; New To Ubuntu

I actually JUST installed it about 5 minutes ago.
And although everything is working; I had a few questions.
1. Should I/Will I have to install the drivers for my nVidia Graphics card, and my sound card, ect.?
2. It runs INSTEAD of Windows, or WITH Windows?
3. For the empty space on the HDD; do Windows and Ubuntu share it, or is there a certain amount Ubuntu uses, and a certain amount Windows uses?
4. Will any .exe for windows run on Ubuntu? (Mostly worried about games; CSS, TF2, the usual)
That's about it.
Thanks in advance!
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    1. Probably, no.
    2. Instead.
    3. Separate.
    4. No.

    This is talking about a separate dual-boot install. I'm not familiar with the integrated Windows version of Ubuntu, so some of the answers may be different.
  2. ijack covered pretty much everything. If you want to try to run some Windows applications/games, you can check out and see if it's compatible. You can then install wine (sudo apt-get install wine), and install the Windows application through that. I generally prefer to leave the Windows junk to Windows though :)
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  4. Thanks to the both of you!
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