4 gig Ram in XP?

I'm building a new system and just got 4 gig of ram (2 sticks of ram) to go along with my E8500. I was thinking of maybe savings some money and just reinstalling XP on my new system instead of getting Vista. I know XP does not recognize anything over 3.5 gig, but would there be any problems with 4 gig of ram in my motherboard while running XP?

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  1. I used 4Gb in my old PC with XP, but after some hours I Figured out that there was no difference between 2Gb and 4Gb, In my new Vista 64, I felt that the 4Gb really did work, but if your other components lays in the Low-Middle class I recommend you 2Gb, save the other RAM chip to vista :)
  2. Your system will recognize the 4 gigs, but Windows will not. It will not harm anything.
  3. The difference between the system and windows recognizing it is the video caed.
    The memory the video card has will be subtracted from the total under windows.
    Under normal circumstances XP doesnt need that much memory, but if you game on it you cant go wrong.
    Also try to buy better memory than you have
    eg 667mhz bus buy 800mhz. The cost will be near the same but if you upgrade you already have better memory.
    The faster memory will run at the speed of the slower one but with memory costing next to nothing right now go for the gold.
    On any given day tigerdirect is almost giving it away.
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