I had installed Ubuntu 10.04 on an external HDD (Seagate FreeAgent) which was updated to the recent version.
I recently added a graphic card (Zotac GT240). The primary OS is Windows 7. The external HDD has important data which need not to be lost by formatting. Can I reinstall Ubuntu on the same previous version? Can I partition the external HDD?
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  1. The previous Ubuntu is currupt. It says no prefix ....and starts booting with the classic purple screen for some time and then gives some scratchy lines as we get if the monitor is loosely connected. Few lines come up saying "noveau00000....failed" and the screen goes blank. for sometime. I have to reset to restart in other OS.
  2. A new issue with the fresh installation of Ubuntu 11.10-------
    I created a USB drive with Ubuntu 11.10 iso as per the given instructions.
    Booted the comp with the same drive and ran Ubuntu from it.
    There was proper initiation with the Ubuntu with the dots below it indicating the progress.
    Hopping that the previous problem has solved I was happy. But all in drain with the screen looking patchy appearance as mentioned before with no progress any further. This time the external HDD with previous version was disconnected and the internal HDD with Win 7 32 bit was still connected.
    Is there any issue about graphic or MB destabilization?
  3. I used the same USB in another PC and it runs Ubuntu with no problems.
  4. In my limited Linux experience all installation issues that I've encountered were graphics card driver related.

    So the installation never completed when it gave you the funny looking screen? Or did it complete and then gave you the screen after it rebooted?

    When the progress stops, can you hit CTRL+ALT+F1 and see if it brings you to a command line?
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    driver bug for your specific card:
    post #18 and #22 offer workarounds.

    1)add 'nomodeset' option to kernel boot options
    2)use nvidia propitiatory driver

    (maybe try new 12.04 beta to see if bug is fixed)
  6. Today I removed the graphic card (Zotac GT240) and ran the system with on board graphic card (ATI redeon 3200). There was no issue of booting from either the pen drive or the external HDD with Ubuntu 11.10.
    However the crazy screen appeared for few seconds and vanished with Ubuntu screen.
    I replaced and reconnected the display with the External graphics and the weired screen reappeared.
    The issue is with the display of the new graphic card for sure. Now the question is how to get inside Ubuntu to install the drivers.
  7. The driver installation might be taking long time but how long? 15 min with Quad core CPU and 4 gb RAM.
    You are absolutely right about the graphic card drivers. I am sure of it now.
    When we run a trial boot from a pendrive without complete should take minimum graphical display to show the classical Ubuntu screen. But even that failed.
    I also went through a forum about weired screen in Ubuntu forums. The display image given by one user is similar to what I got.

    the command line doesnt come after Ct+Alt+F1.
  8. Thanks skittle. I will try it.
  9. I had the exact same issue a while back (GT240 GDDR5 in NAS unit) and remember fixing it with nomodeset boot option and Nvidia's proprietary drivers, as suggested by Skittle.

    Under the link Skittle provided,


    "Sergey Gordeychuk" wrote:

    Hi all. I have the same problem, but i'm found the temporary solution:
    1. Insert LiveCD with Ubuntu 10.10(or Kubuntu)
    2. After loading menu of CD press F6 and set "nomodeset" option
    3. Click "Install ubuntu"
    4. Loading and installing must be successfull
    5. After post-install rebooting system in GRUB menu select first string and press "e"
    6. After words "quiet splash" write "nomodeset". Result must be "quiet splash nomodeset" (without quotes)
    7. Click Ctrl+X
    8. The system must loading successfull
    9. Install new videodriver(Ubuntu must offer this or install from Nvidia website) and reboot the system
    Disadvantage: splash screen with "Ubuntu" and "points" now a low quality:)
    Tested on Ubuntu 10.1032 bit , Kubuntu 10.10 32 bit. Hardware: Nvidia GT240 1024Mb DDR5 PCI Express 2.0

    Thanks for attention.


    He describes the workaround perfectly.

    Good luck!
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  11. Thanks for the support it worked for me.
  12. The issue was with the GPU and was salved. Thanks for your support.
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