B.S.O.D.....what does it mean??????????

Hell Guys,
each time I put a game in the dvd drive I get the infamous B.S.O.D.......I took apicture of it and would some caould decypher and let me know what is the problem and how to fis it . the link to picture is below
thanks very much for any help

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  1. i cant see the picture cause im at work...

    however, take the long number (0x0000000etc one) and put it into the search here: http://support.microsoft.com/
  2. thanks for your input but it does not apply as the link you gave me refer to Symantec Endpoint .....and I do not have symantec product,,,
    thanks any way ..I will keep looking
  3. yes i to am having a bsiod everynow and then as i have a pci bus memory conflict , many have said to do a maemory remap but i cant find it anywhere in my bios even read the manual and no details about it and its a newish board, as it surports ddr3. -.-


    Any ideas what else they called it? ior where to find it as microsoft link was f**king useless, just like the company nowadays they rush everything, windows7 is a rush and a bollocks also if you tried the beta :P

    Think ima get cairo shell aternative when i fix this bloody bsod .
  4. well lads I tried everything on that link but DENADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I run Vista home premuim and most of those links refer to XP or window 2000......
    if you have any luck check this message error and parameter ..if you find ansanswer let me know ..I tried everything on google ..good luck
    0X000000E3( 0X8A674CD8,0X85391AD0, 0XB2946768, 0X00000003)
    GOOD LUCK i am thinking of given up and doing a reinstall ..will mean days ..reinstalling all latest drivers , windows update, program etc...what else to do
    nobody seems to have an answer
  5. that link i gave was fine, you have bigger issues if it took you to the wrong place(mabye spyware hijacking your hosts file)

    i came up with a few thing after entering the code, this problem can be caused by symnaptic products (try uninstalling them)

    or when you safely remove a USB device. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/900808/en-us fixed in SP3 XP

    or printer driver on win2000 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/329868/en-us


    to find out more i need your windows version.
  6. Hello,
    thank you for your answer.
    but :
    1) up to my knowledge I do not have any symantec product on my PC
    2) all my USB are stated as fine in "device manager"
    3) I run Window vista home premuim SP1
    thank you for your patience and time and effort in trying to help.
    hope this will allow your research a better result and wait to hear from you
    tank you very much once again
  7. do you have WinDVD installed? this problem can occur when winDVD is installed on a vista machine.
  8. The link redirection could indicate the presence of a Trojan Virus, this provided download link is to a program that is not free, but you can install the trial of it and run a scan of your machine, if it is infected it will report its findings but will not clean your machine unless you buy the software subscription.

    At least it will tell you one way or another if Spyware is your problem and tell you what it is.

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