Rollback RX and computer defrag

Hi all,

I'm currently building a new rig with Windows 7. I've always used Rollback RX as my go back tool on my old rig.

However I just read that if I use rollback RX, it may make defragging my computer regularly more difficult. Can anyone advice me on this?

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  1. Why not use system restore in windows 7 ?
  2. Late reply to this one, but hopefully it will help someone.

    The short answer is that Rollback Rx has its own defrag feature within the program. Running a defrag program will create problems when you create new recovery points, so using the Rollback defrag is the better option.

    There is discussion on this defrag topic in the forums on the Horizon DataSys web site, so I won't get into it more here. Hope that helps. =)
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