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I am trying to install Ubuntu on my laptop that has windows vista on it. My problem is this,I cant access windows vista on my laptop when i turn it on Iget an "error 0xc000000f" I know what this error is and i dont have the CD's to fix it and dont want to go through the trouble really so I decided to install ubuntu on this Laptop and use it that way. My question is can i install Ubuntu from my flash drive on this system safely with the problem of the windows vista still lurking around in my laptop somewhere and the "error 0xc000000f".
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  1. Should be fine. Just do a full reformat of the disk. Note that this will destroy your Vista installation altogether. After formatting, you'll be able to install Ubuntu without issue.
  2. As Pyroflea said, you should easily be able to install Ubuntu, reformatting the disk.


    If you want to be safe and save some hassle in the future installing Windows again,during install choose the "Something else" bullet and delete all partitions. Then create a new primary partition (for Ubuntu), and give it a limited chunk of space (I like 40GB on bigger disks, but have gone as low as 6GB on a thumb drive and 14GB on an SSD). Chose mount point as "/," and format type ext4. Then create some swap space; 512MB or 1GB should be plenty, though I've gone as high as 2 GB in home servers. Leave the rest unformatted/partitioned for now.

    Boot into Ubuntu and install GParted (sudo apt-get install gparted). In GParted, create another partition directly to the right of the swap space formatted to NTFS for your future Windows install (40GB can be tight with Windows 7, >60GB allows a few programs on C:/). Partition/Format the rest as NTFS for universally recognized storage (Windows wont recognize ext2/ext3/ext4 without tools). Make sure to unmount the NTFS volumes and exit GParted before doing the next step. Enter Ubuntu's Disk Utility and change the NTFS volume's partition types to HPFS/NTFS 0x07 if not already there (probably on Linux 0x83).

    Doing this allows you to install Windows again in the future without having to shrink your Ubuntu volume.

    If you install Windows again in the future, you will need to repair GRUB in a live CD environment or equivalent.

    Good luck!
  3. In the case the OP does want to dual boot, it's generally far easier to install Windows prior to *nix anyways, so they may as well just do a full re-instal if that's the case.
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