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I ordered parts for a new build and am receiving them today. I did not order a new cpu cooler, and am regretting that decision. Rather than delay the build for another shipment, I'm running up to the nearest computer store. What's the list of good ones to look for? The one below is in my cart at Newegg if I decide to wait. I don't need top of the line, just a solid performer that's quiet. Advice here is much better than what you get at a retailer that wants to push whatever stock is on the floor.

Building pc with:
C2D E4300
Gigabyte P965-DS3


$22 - Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

$46 - Thermalright Ultra-120
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  1. In terms of best bang for your buck, the ACF7P is the best. You can get an E4300 to 3.0GHz with it. You can get it at eWiz.com for $22 shipped. If you want to go much higher than 3.0Ghz, you'll need a better and more expensive cooler such as the Ultra 120. I think you'd also need to buy a fan for it.
    I used the ACF7P with Shin-etsu x23 thermal paste on an E4300 build overclocked to 3.0GHz and was very happy with the results. On low speed, the ACF7P is silent. On high speed, it's not silent, but it's certainly not loud.
  2. This might help you decide:

    Best 5 Heatsinks

  3. The Scythe Ninja (Scythe SCNJ-1100P 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler - Retail) is $39.99 plus 6.13 shipping at NewEgg, including a quiet fan. I ordered it a few days ago after researching the best choice for a high quality quiet cooler. The Anandtech review indicates it would be as good as the best with a less quiet, more powerful fan. It is big, but not particularly heavy. (Be sure it will fit in your case.)
  4. Thanks for all of the input. This is my first build so my overclocking will be moderate. The ACF7P has a 5/5 rating, 671 reviews on Newegg. If it wasn't performing well, there wouldn't be anywhere near that volume. Can't beat the $22 price.

    Thanks again.
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