Which one is better windows to play modern games?

I am using g41 platform with 2gb ram, with 512mb graphics card(8400gs).... i have win7 and win xp sp3... plz suggest me the better one to play current games.
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  1. Hmm... it depends a lot about what games you intend to play. There's games which don't work as good with Windows 7 as XP, but that's also reversed. Thinking about the term "modern games" I see that your graphics card will limit your possibilites to play them if they were to require DirectX 11.

    I think that if you play older games, Windows XP is the best choice, but then we go off your topic about modern games.

    So what games do you play?
  2. Win 7 is the best for gaming. For older games simply run them in XP compatibility mode. Sometimes the UAC feature may need adjusting to allow older games to install properly. Also dont forget to update DirectX to make sure Win 7 has all the DirectX 9.0 components it needs. For new games you will seriously need Win 7 to get the best out of them especially games that rely on multicore CPU's.
  3. ^ Multicore GPUs? He said he has an 8400GS! Stick with XP, Win7 will give you nothing new, since you don't have a DX1!-enabled GPU.
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