Install Windows 7 on Express Card SSD (Transcendent 32GB)


i want to install Windows 7 on my Transcendent 32GB Express Card SSD, my nb is ASUS V1S

the express card is good recognized in BIOS, also i can set to boot from it, hower i cannot install windows 7 (probably also not XP, Vista) on it

when i see the box where i should choose where to install w7, the ExpressCard SSD is not listed, hovever, when i click on load drivers, i can see it in the browser box

the problem can be relaited to Removable Media vs. Local disc, cause the Transcendent ExpressCard SSD is recognized as removable media... can i somehow fix this, convert it to local disc, or otherwise install windows 7 on it?

thank you
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  1. I think its because when the windows 7 installer reads the disk the available storage space is smaller than 32GB, the min req for windows 7 (64-bit) i'm pretty sure is 32GB HDD available space, however only 29.8GB is available when partitioned in NTFS from 32GB.
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