I just installed linux on its own hard drive now windows xp wont boot

i just installed linux Mint on its own hard drive now windows xp wont boot. I have two seperate hard drives. This is my first attempt ever at using Linux. So far it works Great. But it fucked my Windows up. Now i cant even use that drive. It just goes to a blank screen with a little white flashing dash in the upper left corner. Im ******* frustrated. As I dont understand any of linux and I need to use some programs for my business? Any help would be very much appreciated!
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  1. Hi

    It sound like your windows xp if fine, but the linux mint boot loader (Grub2) didn't pick up xp on the first hard disk.

    Have only dual booted windows and linux mint on a single hard drive, im probably not the best person to answer.

    have a read of this link, as it sounds like same the problem your havinghttp://forums.techguy.org/linux-unix/985453-solved-dual-boot-ubunto-xp.html

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