What recommended encryption and backup solution?

What recommended encryption software solution? And backup or sync solution?

My scenario:

I currently have a desktop, laptop and will soon get a NAS and netbook. I will have one dedicated SSD hard drive for my OS then 2 extra hard drives operating together as a RAID on my desktop and another 2 extra hard drives operating together as a RAID on my NAS. I am specifically concerned with a couple of folders and outlook on my desktop which is currently synced (using Memeo Sync and Memeo Autobackup) with my laptop and in the future my netbook also. I also plan to do an auto backup online for my important files and will obtain Windows 7.

What encryption criteria I would like to have:
• A solution if someone steals any of my hardware that they can’t access my files without a password or some sort.
• If I leave the computer for more than 10 minutes my computer will be protected with a password but the programs will still be running in the background. (How will this effect if I am gaming but go to the toilet)
• The sync between my desktop and laptop will be automatic if they are both on the same network without me having to key in the password each time.
• If I build a new PC I can take my old hard drive and connect it to my new PC and manually transfer files too my new PC without too much trouble.
• Both the RAID is also encrypted and certain files on the NAS.
• USB encryption.

What backup solution I would like:
• Being able to sync my files between my desktop and laptop automatically
• Online scheduled backup

I appreciate your response on software or solutions that might help (I am willing to purchase proprietary software). Since I will be getting Windows 7 will BitLocker be able to do the above? If it can will I have to buy Ultimate edition for all my hardware or just my desktop? And the rest can be the professional edition?
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  1. you can try something called TrueCrypt, it's free and open source, best thing i have seen out there so far, you can make an encrypted container on just about anything, and you can have hidden containers within containers, cool little feature, check it out
  2. Yea I just downloaded the truecrypt the other day, to try it on my USB but had problems for my other computers with no truecrypt to recognise it. Might have to try it again this weekend.
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