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Could anybody tell me how to transfer files from my old computer system (WinXP SP2) to my new computer (Vista Ultimate 64-bit)?

One of my friends told me to get a cross-over ethernet cable, but I have no idea where to purchase one, let alone what such a cable is. Someone enlighten me. :)

Anyway, are there USB cables that has a low cost that I could just purchase, connect the two computers, and then transfer all my old video, music and .rar files from the old to the new computer, or is it more complex than that?

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  1. It's easier to remove the hard drive from the old computer and install it in the new one as a secondary drive.

  2. If you're keeping the old computer, you can get a wireless router and wireless card, about $70 and network them, just follow the instructions that come with the router. If you're planning on using the old, agree with Grumpy
  3. or just use a memory stick

    although personally i would buy a cheap router and two network cables (any PC store will carry them) and do it that way far simpler than using a cross over cable
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