Newbie-- PSU instal question

I just bought an antec tp3-650 power supply to replace a 350 w psu that came with my case.

I changed everything out and I get a short start (to windows screen) up and then a get a thermal error and system shut down.

My question is: did I need to reset anything in the bios or did I miss anything? I'm going to recheck all connections tonight :oops:

my mobo is intel d915pbl
process P4 3.4ghz
PSU: mentioned old and new above
Mem: 1 stick 1gb a-data ddr2 (newer 6400 ddr2 ready but haven't installed)
vc: x600 pro ati (or something)

Like I said, i'm looking for hint when I attempt everything again tonight.

Thanks in advance
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  1. When I installed mine, I did not use any of the PSU fan connectors.

    Double check the connections. If your system still shuts down, reinstall the old PSU. If your system works, return the new one.

    You do not need to change any BIOS settings.
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