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Retail version of Vista Ultimate 32 or 64 bit

Looking at NewEggs listing of Vista Ultimate "RETAIL" version there is no information in the listing specifications on the software being 32 bit or 64 bit.
The NewEgg "OEM" version has 2 listing. One 32 bit and another
listing with 64 bit.
I looked at microsofts description and can not find any information on the retail version bit size.
I am starting a build of a 3D capable pc and all of the specs say the OS should be 32 bit at this time because of the software 2d to 3d conversion process. The info does say that the 2d to 3d software will be 64 bit compatible in the future???????????
I know the OEM version costs less and I will probably order it, but my curiosity needs to know why only 1 retail version.
thanks and have a good un.
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    Retail Ultimate comes with both versions, 32 and 64. OEM comes in either 32 or 64, not both, so you must choose before purchase.

    As for which to get that will work with your software - ALMOST everything will work on Vista 64. Even if the software is 32 bit it will run on Vista 64 in 32 bit mode just fine. There are a few exceptions to this rule here and there. Not sure about your software but if the software maker says get 32 a bit OS then they probably know what they are talking about. But be sure you get the authoritative word from the makers themselves because there is a lot of misinformation about 64 bit floating around on the web.

    Main advantage of 64 bit at this time is the ability to use 4 or more gig of RAM. 32 bit MS oses are limited to about 3 gig +\- , for complex reasons.
  2. hey notherdude thanks to the quick reply to my post.
    sooooo if I understand this correctly the "retail" version of vista ultimate includes both 32 bit and 64 bit modes on the same software cd and somewhere during the install I make a decision which version I want installed?
    I understood about the ram limitations of 32 bit and tri d (3d)software specs did specify 32 bit. I would prefer 64 bit myself because of the ram limits. tri d converts 2d movies to 3d for watching on a dlp large screen tv. after I build my new desktop and test out this 3d movie conversion and get it working on the desktop I am going to build a smaller 3d media pc for the living room tv.
    thanks again for both of your replys.
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