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I did a disk cleanup and now my computer runs so slow that windows explorer crashes all the time, but all my games play fine.
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  1. You might need to do a fresh install...
  2. Yeah I found little information on the internet about this problem. I did uninstall System archived Windows error report! SO NO ONE DO THIS! I did a Vista 32 bit reinstall and it seems to run better, but not as fast as it use to be. It still freezes once and awhile.
  3. Did you install over it or reformatted the HD?

    The best is always delete the partition and do a clean install.
  4. I reformatted the HD and had to install twice to make it work. What a pain in the butt. I almost purchased a new HD.
  5. how did a disk cleanup do this?
  6. I don't know :( but it did.
  7. Maybe a good registry cleaning would help.
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