Install XP on one PC then transfer the HD to another?

Hi im having problems reinstalling windows on a laptop with RAID (no floppy disk). I have tried slipstreaming the drivers into XP but that doesn't work. My question is am I able to put the laptops drive in my desktop, install xp and then transfer it back? Would that work?

Thanks in advance
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  1. it wouldn't work if the chipset and other motherboard items are too different.

    for me, I was able to move from a soyo k7vta motherboard to a asus A*V with out reinstalling windows. it just booted up and detected the drivers needed.

    but when I upgraded my old 533MHz system that I used as a server, to a 2.1GHz amd athlon xp 2400+, windows bluescreened on bootup and it had to reinstall

    it most likely work work if you install with your desktop and use it in your laptop, but you can try, if you want, you may get lucks, since from the looks of things, theres nothing currently important on the laptop drive
  2. No.

    Slipstreaming should have worked... provided you have the correct drivers. Another option would be to use a USB floppy drive. Installing it on the desktop and moving it to the laptop won't work... unless the hardware is identical (and considering it's a desktop - laptop, chances are it won't be).

    If the chipsets in both are the same class: ie Intel 900 series or 800 series chipsets... then it may work. The only concern would then be if both have the same RAID controller. If not, then it's definately NOT going to work.
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