Need to set a passwordn http://www routerlogin net

how to set up the password pls help me
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  1. Hello wensie,

    are you talking about changing the password to access the gui of your router? Or are you talking about changing the wifi password for your wireless router? If you have a netgear router their support page is
  2. I think this is the problem. Many of us don't know what is wanted. I arrived here via support for Netgear. I have just acquired a Kindle. Before it will connect to the internet to download anything a password is required. My wireless Netgear router is connected to the net via an optical cable provided by Virgin Media. I have entered the Netgear password, the broadband password and my email password. None of them works. The Kindle detects 3 & even 4 networks. Two of the network names I recognise and I suspect I may have done the setup procedure twice with slightly different names. Maybe first with a cable router and again when I bought a wireless router. Since my desktop, cable connected, and my netbook, wirelessly connected, both work properly I wondered if the sensible thing to do would be to change the password using the desktop and then use the new password to connect the Kindle. I find changing the password is not as easy as I expected. What advice can you offer?
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