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AVG Anti virus

Hi Guys

Just wanted to know which is the correct AVG Anti virus to use for Linux OpenSuSe( im not much of a Linux user)

AVG Free Edition for Linux
(avg2012flx-r1786-a4748.i386.deb) 2012.1786 deb
(avg2012flx-r1786-a4748.i386.rpm) 2012.1786 rpm
( 2012.1786 sh
(avg2012flx-r1786-a4748.i386.tar.gz) 2012.1786 tar.gz

AVG Server Edition for FreeBSD
(avg2012ffb-r1786-a4748.i386.tar.gz) 2012.1786 tar.gz

Using OpenSuSe as a file server to run Windows based application (already using anti virus for all windows machines just need an Anti Virus for the file server itself)

Thanks Guys
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    You want the RPM one.
  2. rpm
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