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Blu-Ray Ubuntu 12.04

I just bought a Blu-ray player and now I'm attempting to get it working in Ubuntu. I have VLC 2.0.1 installed and the restricted extras. I found this link that tells me to put the file KEYDB.cfg into ~/.config/aacs/. I'm not understanding the "~/.config" part. If I try:

sudo cp KEYDB.cfg ~/.config/aacs/KEYDB.cfg

then I get:

cp: cannot create regular file '/home/dmroeder/.config/aacs.KEYDB.cfg': No such file or directory

I type this command while in my downloads directory where the file resides. You can see that it mis-interprets the location that I'm in (probably because it doesn't follow the right syntax). There must be something with that path that is implied that I don't understand. Where is this /accs location?
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    ~/.config/ means that there should be a hidden ".config" folder in your home directory (which is /home/dmroeder/ in your case). In this directory, running the command "ls -al" will list all files and folders, including hidden ones. First confirm that the folder exists, and if it does, that the subdirectory "aacs" exists. If not, you can create them.

    mkdir .config
    mkdir ./config/aacs

    Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the excellent explanation Pyroflea! It all makes sense now. I googled around for a while but I could never find much of an answer.

    I ran into something a while back that wanted me to put a file into a similar location and I eventually gave up. Now if I could only remember what it was so I could go fix it too!

    Anyway, Blu-ray works now. Thanks.
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  4. Glad to hear you got everything working!
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