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Search Engine Defaults to my ISP

Im running the current Linux Mint. When i type in the address bar it searches using my ISP search engine which is junk. How do i change this? I tried looking in the Firefox "about:config" file and it says Google. I have the search bar set to google instead of Duck Duck Go (which i think was the default) but the address bar goes through Road Runner?

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    interesting... you can use google's DNS server instead of your ISP's. here's the info:
  2. Yeah, it seems when you type something in address bar firefox trying to open (resolve IP address) of what you typed, if attempt fails firefox decided to use search engine. But your smart-ass ISP tells to firefox self search site instead "address not found".
    Try to use right searchbox on firefox or use google DNS as nhasian says if you like "chrome like" searching from address bar.
  3. Just out of interest what happens when you trace route or ping I'd also be interested to know if you get redirected if you connect to google via https.
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