Please help me buy the components for a good gaming PC

Hi all you experts. (This is a great forum)

Would like to build a good gaming computer but do not know which parts to buy.

I would appreciate a list with all part needed.

I am 75 yrs of age and did build some computers about 17 yrs ago. Now they are much more complex. So many boards, processesors, memory, power supply's, cases etc to choose from.

I would like to run FSX at full settings. I think I will be able to save about $1000.00 if I build it myself.

Many thanks for any input


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  1. what is your buget and will you be bringing anything from the previous systems you have owned
  2. Have about $2000.00 to spend.

    Will bring nothing from other PC. Have only a couple of laptops
  3. Quote:
    Have about $2000.00 to spend.

    Will bring nothing from other PC. Have only a couple of laptops

    $2000 can build you a good gaming system as long as your smart about it. I would suggest getting an 8800 GTX as graphics card, and if you can wait until July, you can get a good high end possessor. You'll be well off with 2GB of ram will be good for gaming for a good while. Do you want to over clock, or don't want to worry about it.
  4. ok
    cpu: ok i would go with a q6600 about $530 here
    graphics card: most important for gaming a 8800 gtx $550 here
    mobo: a fairly cheap 680i sli from EVGA $160 here
    psu: 600w forton $115 here
    ram: 4gb g.skill ddr2 800 $225 here
    hard drive: 320gb WD $75 here
    dvd drive: sony $30 here
    case: here's a case, these are really just personal opinion, $50 here
    moniter: 22in Acer $260 here
    speakers: logitec 2.1 surround $40 here
    keyboard: liteon cheap keyboard $6.50 here
    mouse: cheap logitec laser mouse $20 here
    os: if you dont already have one xp home -retail $190 here

    thats about it if you want to oc ill make some changes all told wit the operating system it is $2250 but there are $90 in mail in rebates
  5. 75 man? Congratualtions dude. Never seen someone that age still attached to the gaming scene. Good to see some wise ones on this forum.

    Anyways, I too am looking to spend about 2000 on a computer in the future, here is the one I composed:

    Their are about 135-140 bucks in rebates, maybe a little more not factored into the final price.

    Good luck. :D
  6. He can probably save a bit of cash by getting only 2 GB of RAM. I think that's the limit for XP Home anyway, and he'd need XP Pro for 4 GB. I may be wrong on that though.

    How about a cheaper mobo without SLI support? Again not sure, because FSX is very demanding and the OP may want to add a second card later.
  7. ya you could save some money with a cheaper mother board if you like this650i one i couldn't find a decently priced xp pro retail like $280, oem is $140 and a hassle to install
  8. I did not expect so fast a response. Yes, you guys are great! Will spend some time on checking all your responses and then will decide on the system to be built.

    I might be 75 years old but I am young at heart. Still love computer games. Might not be as good as you guys, but I still enjoy it as much.

    Thanks again!


  9. Quote:
    cpu: ok i would go with a q6600 about $530 here

    If he can wait until july, then he can get that same chip for about $266 which should make up for the $250 over $2,000 easily.
  10. Do you guys happen to know if Flight Simulator uses quad-cores effectively? If yes, then I'd pick a Q6600 for $266 after July 22. If not, maybe E6850 is better (same date, same price).
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