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Webcam RD-PC003 with 64bit


i have just got Vista 64bit and my webcam dosent seem to support it (my current webcam is USB PC Camera (SN9C102) if anyone knows of any drivers)
i am thinking of getting
but i want to be sure that i am getting the right thing so it works because i cant find anywhere that it does work with vista.

any help would be great :D
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    Logitech cams work with Vista 64... I have the Quickcam Orbit MP. The older ones likely won't, but all the newer ones should. MS webcams should also work. Cheap, no-name cams are a pain in the ass to find drivers for... even 32-bit ones. I know they are more expensive, but you are better off with a big brand-name cam. Logitech, MS or Creative.
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