Compressed Win7 SSD and Boot manager issue.

I have a 120GB SSD and various HDDs in my tower. It is a dual boot with windows on the SSD and Linux on one of the hard drives. My C drive in windows was becoming full, so I decided to use NTFS compression on the drive to save room. It is just program files and windows installation, so it saved quite a bit of space. I never thought how that would affect the GRUB (?) boot menu used to select between Ubuntu and Win7. On boot, I can boot into Ubuntu just fine, but When I try to boot into windows, it returns the screen "Boot drive is compressed. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to reboot." Upon that, it reboots to GRUB, and does the same thing when selecting windows.
Have I essentially wiped my windows beyond usability? There isn't much in Ubuntu, so I can erase that and the grub, if it will bring windows back.
It is on an SSD, so I am not losing any of my documents or music or anything. just program files and such, but it is a massive pain. Anything I can do?
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  1. Yes. when you compressed the drive you likely also compressed the boot sector. You can fix this by boot from your Windows 7 DVD and select Repair your Computer -> Startup Repair.

    or in ubuntu try boot repair:
  2. Great thanks. I never thought of using the Win7 DVD. Previously I have never had an issue that was fixed by a Windows "repair" tool.
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